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All systems operational

Planned Maintenance Information about our weekly maintenance

Weekly Maintenance Window

The weekly maintenance window takes place in the night from Monday to Tuesday between 0:00 am and 2:00 am Europe/Zurich.

During this period various maintenance work such as installing security updates will be performed.

You can find more information about the maintenance window in our support area: Weekly Maintenance Window.

Network Maintenance: Colozueri 4.2

Timeframe 26.06.2017, 23:00 CEST - 27.06.2017, 04:00 CEST
Affected Customers CZH4.2, Managed Server, Managed VServer, and Root VServer

Network Maintenance: ES34

Timeframe 03.07.2017, 23:00 CEST - 04.07.2017, 04:00 CEST
Affected Customers ES34, Colocation/Housing, Managed Server, Managed VServer, and Root VServer

Recently Closed

Maintenance work on storage backend for virtual servers

Timeframe 27.04.2017, 21:00 CEST
Affected Customers Managed VServer

Network Maintenance: Colozueri 4.1

Timeframe 19.06.2017, 23:00 CEST - 20.06.2017, 04:00 CEST
Affected Customers CZH4.1, Managed Server, Managed VServer, and Root VServer